4 OCD Misconceptions

4 Misconceptions about OCD

I have obsessive compulsive disorder. My obsessions are me or my family being murdered, break-ins, etc. Therefore, my compulsions are to check locks, close blinds, etc. Here are some common misconceptions about OCD.


  1. “People with OCD are really neat and always wash their hands.”

Most people with OCD fall into one of the following categories: washer, checker, doubter/sinner, counter/arranger, hoarder. However, most people outside of the OCD community only know about the arrangers and the washers. But, no, I am a checker so I am not constantly washing my hands nor am I an arranger so I do not constantly arrange things.

  1. “You’re just a scaredy cat!”

I am constantly checking locks, blinds and doors in order to ensure that I am safe. But I am not just a “scaredy cat.” It is so much more than that. Part of you is constantly telling you that you are unsafe or about to get murdered. And it’s terrifying. A fear is one thing, but a “washer” going a week without showering due to the fear of the germs in the water is an obsession and a mental illness.

  1. “I’m so OCD because I love green markers! Lol!”

OCD affects my life in so many ways so it is offensive when people joke about these things. And, no, I’m not just being a sensitive 2018 gen-z teen. I wouldn’t joke about my bald dad having cancer (even though I recognize that cancer is much more serious than OCD it is just an example), so please don’t joke about your neatness being OCD.

  1. “OCD is a fun trend!”

OCD is a mental illness. This seems obvious, but it seems like so many people don’t recognize that it is a mental illness that can become debilitating if it is not treated. Again, “washers” can go long periods of time without showering due to the germs they are afraid of in the water, “checkers” could stay locked inside their house all day to feel safe, or “arrangers” could find it impossible to focus because they feel the need to fix everything! OCD is serious.


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