One day, you will be able to live again.

Dear readers,

I know this is not my regular upload schedule but I am in robotics right now and I was just inspired to write something. This post is something I needed two months ago, so to anyone going through the terrible storm of chronic illness, or just want to know that things will get better, please keep reading.

I recently came across this picture while looking through my photos:

This was exactly two months ago. Here is a picture that I took today:

When I saw the first picture, I was overwhelmed. I was washed with emotions of remembering a time where I thought my goals for the next year would never come true. In this picture, I was smiling, but my throat itched, my stomach hurt, and I had a heavy, heavy heart. This was towards the end of a seven month journey towards remission. Seven months of pain, broken promises, starvation, tears, and overall brokenness. Everyone kept telling me, “this will get better,” and “you can do this,” but after awhile you don’t listen anymore. The harsh reality of chronic illnesses is that you don’t know when it will stop, and I still don’t know when Crohn’s disease will sneak up behind me again. Little did I know that in a little less than a week, I would have a surgery that would put me in remission.

One day soon, I would be able to live my life again.

If I were told that two months ago, my heart would fill with doubt. I would remember all the doctor’s promises that were broken. But it’s true. Please believe me when I say that one day, you will be able to live your life again.

Today, two months after this picture was taken, I am at my dream school. I play volleyball, like I used to. My biggest problems are drama and parent troubles, not wondering if I will be able to eat tomorrow. I have a life. I have a life. And you will too.

One day, you will be able to live again.


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I am here for you. You can do this 💜