The illusion of me

There is always an illusion
In everybody’s life
But with
the illusion
Is inside.
You deceive yourself
But you’re still confused
Like a grandma who can’t find her shoes.
You sneaky little girl
Why do you trick yourself?
Why do you let this time pass?
Why do you attack?

The illusion of time.
You get diagnosed
And in no time you will be better.
Until time gets s l o w e r,
Hospital stays get l o n g e r,
And the struggles get h a r d e r.
Then a year has passed
And you’re still not better;
And this is the illusion of time.

The illusion of attack.
She tricks you that
Your body is being attacked
Really she is the attacker
Your body is the attacker
And you can’t stop attacking;
And this is the illusion of attack.

Tick Tock
There’s the time again
Time is getting away
Your immune system
Will continue to attack
As time passes
Until you aren’t really living anymore.
Your life is attack and defense
A war against yourself,
Caused by yourself,
Every man for himself.
This is war;
This is the illusion of me.